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The Most Haunted Places In The World 

Kapunda, Australia 

Kapunda Australia has been known to be the most HAUNTED TOWN IN AUSTRALIA. But then again some say that it could be one of the most haunted places in the world. The reason being is the LARGE AMOUNT of creepy personal accounts of paranormal activity going on here.

There are rumors, stories, and personal accounts of some very creepy things going on here. Some say there’s enough stories to fill and entire book, and others say that they won’t ever step foot near this town because the fact that it’s so haunted. 

So why is it so haunted?

Some say that there’s an energy field that attracts ghosts to this place, while no one can say that’s true it’s crazy to think that every building in a town is haunted, then again there are a few towns around the world like this, but why is this one so haunted?

Check out this first part of a documentary on Kapunda by  789films789  we found!

Youtube – 789films789 

Now while Kapunda Australia’s never really suffered any great tragedy as far as anyone can tell, it was reportedly haunted even when the first people set foot there. It was founded by 2 men who  stumbled upon the place when they found a significant amount of Copper deposits

It’s said that the town is ancient, not the town itself but the grounds it sits on. Some say say it goes back thousands of years, others say that isn’t true, but what all can agree on is the fact that it’s haunted.

One of the most haunted places in this town is the old reformatory, It stretches back to the days of the beginning of this town. It was known to be haunted in it’s early days and ever since then has been a hot bed for paranormal activity.


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