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West Virginia State Penitentiary (Moundsville penitentiary)

The West Virginia State Penitentiary is one of those places where you get the creeps just by looking at the place. It has a gothic style theme going on and just by looking it at it doesn’t seem like a very inviting place at all.

The West Virginia State Penitentiary operated from 1876 to 1995, talk about a pretty lengthy run, and there weren’t any shortages of bad stuff going on.

Now it’s been turned into a tourist attraction, so for those of you who like ghost hunts you may want to check this place out.

The prison has been said to be haunted for as long as it’s been around, it’s been rumored to have been built on Indian burial grounds, and many have witnessed shadow people in the building and around the grounds.

The West Virginia State Penitentiary has held some of the most violent and notorious criminals, even the likes of Charles Manson wanted to be sent there but he was denied. There were at least 36 known homicides within it’s walls making this place a very disturbing spot to be at.

Check out this video on some of the history behind this place

Tours have been sent up and during Halloween they have a haunted house set up called “ The Dungeon of Horrors”.  It’s been said that Moundsville Is actually one of the most active paranormal prisons that there is.

It’s been showcased on numerous television shows and has even been in a few movies throughout the years.  People who go there say that they hear phantom voices, see inmates, hear footsteps, feel cold spots and much more.

Check out LIVING DEAD PARANORMAL investigating Moundsville 

Would you stay alone in this place for one night?

If you’re up for a spooky time, check out this place, they have some really cool tours going on! 

SOURCE*  Youtube – Ghost Adventures Full Episodes, Amsempl 

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