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Most Haunted Inn| Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation

If you’re the kind person that likes to stay somewhere you’re being watched and I don’t mean by any living person, than this is the place for you. The Myrtles Plantation has been called  “One of Americas Most Haunted Locations” and for a good reason.

This home is supposedly known for having at least 12 known ghosts that are actively showing their presence to those who enter the plantations doors. It almost seems as if these ghosts are still going about their daily lives. However there are some that seem to be aware that they’re dead and have made their presence very obvious.


Check out the video on we found on the Myrtles Plantation 

THe location was built in 1796 and has had numerous deaths happened inside its walls. Now you have to think that a house so old and surrounded by so many deaths, that some spirits would actually latch on to this house, in which this case they did. 

One of the most famous hauntings is the ghost of a man who was shot by a stranger, or someone he may have had problems with. He died on the 17th step of the stairs entering the home and now haunts that area. Many people have seen someone laying on the ground near the step that he died on, when they rush out to see if the person they saw needed help, no one was there. 


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