A Nightmare On Elm Street And Xmen Are The Same Movie?

Nightmare on elm street 3 and xmen the same movie?
Nightmare on elm street 3 and xmen the same movie?

Nightmare On Elm Street 3 And Xmen The Same Movie?

How Could They Be The Same Movie?

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You probably did the same thing we did when we found this video, you looked the title and thought "how the heck could these 2 movies be the same thing, there's no way they could be the same movie". 

Well if you did you're not alone, but this video we found by  Couch Tomato  is super interesting. At first you're going to think that this couldn't be possible, but as the video goes you're going to see a lot of similarities that are going to make you scratch your head. Could it be the same writers or could the writers of Xmen have taken some of the things from Nightmare On Elm Street?

Then again why would they?

Well check out the video you'll see what we mean, keep an open mind when you first approach it and afterwards then make your judgments. This one will really make you think and what's really is how this person actually came up with this. I would have never really thought of anything like this, I guess there are those of us out there that analyze things to a T. 

Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Could a Nightmare On Elm Street 3 and Xmen be the same movie?

Source – Coach Tomato

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