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A Look At Peace Island

Cat lovers, it’s your time to rejoice, developer Eric Blumrich is about to give you all a very good treat. He is developing a video game that revolves around a group of felines that go on adventures and solve mysteries.

The game is set on the island of Maine, and you don’t have to worry about cars or anything like that, because the island is completely free of humans. The focus is on the cats and it seems as if people have vanished and it’s up to the furry feline’s whether to bring them back or not.

If you were a cat would you? If you’re looking for a combat style of game this isn’t the game for you. As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and explore different places as you please.

The game will come with realistic weather patterns and day and night cycles. It also has interactive surroundings so things won’t be the same every time you play it. The game is currently being developed for Mac, PC, and the Oculus VR systems. Imagine playing in a VR system, wouldn’t that be cool? Will you be buying this game when it comes out?

Check out the video we found by Biscuits And Tea Gaming and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Biscuits And Tea Gaming

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