Strange And Creepy The Paranormal This Luxurious Canadian Hotel Has A Creepy Paranormal Side To It

This Luxurious Canadian Hotel Has A Creepy Paranormal Side To It

This Luxurious Canadian Hotel Has A Creepy Paranormal Side To It post thumbnail image

Ottawa’s  Haunted Hotel

Ottawa’s haunted hotel the Fairmont Chateau Laurier is one of the most luxurious and grand hotels in Canada. It’s frequently visited by financial investment elites, celebrities, and other power players. The monstrous hotel is 660,00 square feet and has 429 guest rooms in it. It’s an amazing sight to see from the inside and out. It’s been open for over 100 years and it’s Ottawa’s finest hotel. However, with all the prestige and power comes a dark side or a paranormal side. 

The man who commissioned the Chateau Laurier, Charles Melville died on the Titanic just 12 days before the competition of the hotel. It’s said that his ghost didn’t rest with the Titanic but is in the hotel. Guests and workers alike have claimed to have seen the ghost of Charles Melville while inside of the hotel. Numerous people have claimed to have seen him walking around the halls and then simply vanish into thin air. 

Check out the video by Dorset Ghost


Video source – CTV Ottawa morning live

The Haunted Hotel 

Ottawa’s haunted hotel is said to hold the ghosts of those who enjoyed it in the past. You have to think of all the people who thought of it as an escape from the mundane world. Would some of these people come back in the afterlife to join Mr. Mellvile? Would you stay in the hotel’s most haunted rooms knowing the creepy stories behind it? 

Would you stay the night here in this Luxury Hotels most haunted rooms?

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