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Ourang Medan

The Ghost Ship

In June 1947 the SS Ourang Medan went through some horrifying things. The problem is no one can figure out what exactly happened on board of the ship. The ship’s last transmission was sent from somewhere around Malaysia.
The message said that everyone on board was dead and that the sender of the message was the last one left. The scariest part was how the transmission ended, the man said “now I die” and that was it.
An American ship by the name of the  “Silver Star” went to the boat to see what was going on. What they found was sheer horror, everyone on board was dead. What could have happened on this ship, and why did all this insanity go on the decks of the Ourang Medan? There are tons of theories behind it all. Some say that the man who sent the last message probably went mad and killed everyone. 
There are some that say that it could have been some strange force out in the sea that caused them all to go mad. But that still doesn’t explain the radio message from the last man. Could there have been some external forces working here or was it just a case of insanity?

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