Over 70,000 Sign Petition To Shut Down Extreme Haunted Attraction – Mckamey Manor

The self proclaimed scariest haunted attraction in the world is under fire AGAIN! If you’re the type of that LOVES haunted houses, but don’t like when people mess with you, McKamey Manor isn’t the place for you. Before going in you have to sign a 40 page waiver……

Yes a 40 page waiver and a drug test!

If you get passed that you have to watch a 2 hour documentary on everyone who has attempted to take the challenge. McKamey Manor, based in SummerTown Tenn. is said by many to be a ” LEGAL TORTURE CHAMBER” and many are tired of it.

The Manor already had problems in California and was forced to relocate and now a petition to shut them down has come forth once again. The whole purpose of the experience is to live your own “horror movie”, but many are saying that it’s way beyond that. Those who are brave enough to take on the challenge are promised 20 grand IF they can finish it all.

Many have tried, and all have failed. But how far is too far? Some are saying that they actually pull teeth out of your mouth in one area. You might be waterboarded or you might be buried alive, it just depends on the route you go on.

Some of those who have actually tried to take on the challenge have said they go FAR beyond what is in the waiver, and that people shouldn’t take part in it. But the waiting list is still a mile long, and as long as people keep signing up, they’re going to keep at it.

Check out the videos we found and let us know your thoughts… Do you think this is legal torture and should be shut down? Or do you think that they should keep operating as normal?

Video Source – InformOverload

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