Pennhurst Asylum’s Haunted House Is a Terrifying Must See!

Pennhurst Asylum Haunted House 

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Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera!

Pennhurst Asylum is said to be one of the most haunted locations on the planet. At one point in time there were over 10,000 people on the property who called it home. However this wasn’t the home sweet home that many of us have come to grow up in.

It was a living hell….

They still have ghost tours but now it’s home to one of the largest and most scariest haunted houses on the planet

Some say it’s the number 1 haunted house there is, and it was even stated in USA Today and Hauntworld magazine. It has a large mix of seasoned and talented actors, expensive props and animatronics, and a well put together path full of haunts and scary stuff. 

There’s various haunted attractions that you can go through, some are actually HAUNTED and it’s not because of any special effects. This is one of those kind of places. You never know if what you’re seeing or hearing is actually real or not. 

Would you be up for the challenge?

Check out the Pennhurst Asylum haunted house here

Would you be brave enough to go through The Pennhurst Asylum Haunted House?


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