People Vanishing Into Thin Air At National Parks

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Are National Parks Even Safe?

Vanishing Into Thin Air?

You would think when there's a large amount of people vanishing into thin air in national parks that it would gain some kind of national attention. But as you will see in the video below that isn't the case at all. It seems really odd that no one is saying anything at all about it, especially when you have such a large amount of people vanishing each year with out a trace. 

So why isn't this in the news?

Now of course some people are going to naturally get lost or eaten by bears and other animals, but what about the groups of people that vanish? What about the groups of super experienced hikers and survivalists that vanish without a trace? No one really knows WHY all of this is being covered up, but some have theories on what's going on. 

Check out the video by Scariest Movie Ever  and see what you think. 

Check out the video by Scariest Movie Ever 

Video source – Scariest Movie Ever 

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