Police Across The U.S.A. Warn To Look For THC Laced Candy This Halloween

Parents are being encouraged to check their children’s Halloween candy even more this year for drug-laced edibles.  A Pennsylvania police department discovered “Nerds Rope edibles containing 40mg of THC” after they recently seized 60 pounds of marijuana from the area, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

The find has caused concerned over the possibility that some people may try to give away some of these candies or lace others. The “Nerds Rope” edible comes with warning labels dubbing “for medical use only” and to strictly “keep away from children and animals”.

“During this Halloween, we urge parents to be ever vigilant in checking their children’s candy before allowing them to consume those treats,” wrote the department. “Drug laced edibles are package like regular candy and may be hard to distinguish from the real candy.”

However the manufacturer of Nerds says they are in no way associated with the product and that it’s counterfeited. This isn’t the first year there has been this kind of problem, last year in Massachusetts sewing needles were found in some twizzlers candies.

This is nothing new and nothing that will go away anytime soon. Just be cautious with your children and double check their candy before they eat it. If you’re not sure how to check their candy then you can contact your local authorities.

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Video Source – WKMG News 6 Orlando

Video Source – Fox 8 News Cleveland

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  1. There has never been a single, verifiable case of tainted candy on Halloween unless it was a hoax perpetrated by the “victim” or one of their family members.

  2. if the cops think that people are lacing candy with CBD or THC oils and handing them out, they have another thing coming, stoners won’t part with that even if their lives depended on it

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