This Haunted Portrait Is So Creepy It Would Even Scare The Ghostbusters!

The Portrait Of Bernardo De Galvez

We’ve all heard of haunted paintings like the Crying boy or The Hands Resist him, but this one is truly a creepy one. Now this painting is in what is already said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States, the Galvez Hotel. The even creepier part is that the painting is that of the man the place is named after. Now there are certain paintings that give you the creeps, but this one reminds me of the painting in the movie Ghost Busters 2.

The odd thing about this painting is that people aren’t able to get a clear photo of this painting. The only way that they can get a clear shot of this thing is to ASK for PERMISSION before taking the picture. People have reported feeling very odd and strange when near or around the picture. Some have said that the eyes in the painting follow them when they walk around. Maybe it’s just an overactive imagination, and then again it could be the painting is actually haunted.

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The World’s Most Haunted Painting

It’s crazy to think that you have to ask the painting permission before taking a picture of it. That’s not the first place we’ve heard something like that. There are certain locations where if you try to take a picture of a haunted object, your luck takes a turn for the worst. So you have to ask permission before taking a picture in certain places. How can anyone truly explain something like this? What do you think about  it?

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