Creepy Puppet Moving On Its Own

Creepy Puppet Moving On Its Own?

Could This Doll Be Possessed?

Now this is one of those stories that will make you really scratch your head. It’s almost like the real life version of the movie Child’s Play where the doll by the name of Chucky comes to life and tries to kill everyone around him. So could this be a similar case of a doll that was possessed by someone who was evil and now is terrorizing people? 
Who knows… 
Supposedly this doll is the same doll that tried to choke its previous owner, the doll is supposed to be evil and it’s not only tried to kill one person but others as well. Now I don’t care if it’s a story or not, I don’t think I would take a doll home that has such a creepy reputation behind it. Whether or not something is true or even if I don’t believe in the story in the slightest way would I test the waters to see if it’s warm or not. 
Would you?
It’s hard to imagine that a doll of all things could come to life and actually TRY and kill people. I mean think how silly that actually sounds coming from someone who has never witnessed anything like this. But then think abut being on the OTHER side of the spectrum, who would tell and who would actually believe that it happened?
Check ou this video by the The Real Thing Tv and see what you think!

  Video Source – The Real Thing Tv


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