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Pupa the Haunted Doll

A Possessed Doll?

During the early 1900’s it was common place to give a doll as a gift to a child that looked similar to the child it was being given to. It’s also said in some cases the hair of the doll was the child’s hair, others used a deceased child hair instead of the kid it was being given to.

The problem with it is that some say the spirit of a child would stay with the doll, so if they used the hair of a deceased child there was a good chance the spirit would become part of the doll. That’s the case of this doll, did the spirit of a child stay with the doll or could it be something else?

Similar instances are said to have happened with dolls like Robert The Doll, and Peggy The Doll. In both of those cases strange things started to happen to those who had the doll in their possession. 

But what about Pupa? Was the doll cursed or possessed by something dark and evil?

Who knows.. 

Check out the story out by William Defalco 

source – William Defalco 



2 thoughts on “Pupa the Haunted Doll”
  1. I had a hand made glass case I bought at second hand store and the minute I brought it home everyone in the house noticed a change. Feeling someone was watching you, door handles jiggling, pols names were being whispered in they're ears. One day I was in shower and heard a knock on the bathroom door. I thought it was my son, or boyfriend so I hollered "come on in" no one did, and minute later the knock came again, louder and longer. I was getting aggrevated, so I said come on in! With a little bit of a tone in my voice. No one came in. I finished my shower, forgot all about it, then when I came out of bathroom, my 3 cats were at the door looking all wide eyed, I walked into the living room, and my son, and boyfriend were sitting on the couch. They both looked crazy at me, and they both said ' that was not us that knocked on the door!' That was it, I took that display case out to the garbage, after I tried to find someone to take it! No one would. After I got it to the garbage, we never had anything happen again. My son is older now, and he still swears that it was not him or dude!

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