5 Real Stories that Inspired American Horror Story

5 Real Stories that Inspired American Horror Story

Prepare To Be Scared! 

It’s no surprise that the show  American Horror Story  be pretty strange and intense. It ends up leaving us a bit shaken up at times and wondering where the heck they get ideas for shows like these. Now not ALL of the things in the show come from something real, but the basis behind certain ones are inspired from some rather horrifying true stories. 

Once you realize that some of these stories are actually inspired by true things, it makes you look at the show a little different. Some of the most terrifying characters in the show like Twisty The Clown have their serial killer origins. I mean once you realize WHO Twisty is actually molded after it becomes even scarier, and that’s just one of the characters of various seasons. 

In the video below we found by Top5, you’ll see 5 real stories that were actually inspired by the show.

5 Real Stories that Inspired American Horror Story

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