The New Lucky – The Restaurant Where Your Table Is Next To A Grave

Ahmedabad, India’s The New Lucky restaurant is like no other place on the planet. How many places have you been to where your seat is right next to graves…..

Wait what?

Yeah you heard it right; The New Lucky restaurant is built on a graveyard. Instead of paving over the graves or messing with them in any kind of way, they utilized the graves as part of the restaurant. There’s a spacious seating area that also has some exposed gravestones and burial sarcophagi that surrounds the tables.

Steel bars have been set up around the graves so that no one bothers them. The really odd part is that no one really knows who exactly the graves belong to. The theory behind it all is that they belong to Muslim followers from the 16th century.

The owner says that it’s not meant to disrespect the burial plots or any of the deceased, but rather to honor them as a focal point in the restaurant. I don’t know about you, I think I would be a bit creeped out eating next and over the top of graveyard.

Check out this video post and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – Al Arabiya English

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