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Resurrection Mary

Every town has a ghost story about a haunted road or haunted hotel, but if Resurrection Mary was in the dictionary, it would be known as the definition of an apparition. Known to the area locals as the "Ghost Walk", Archer Road next to Resurrection cemetery is the stretch of area that the ghost of Mary walks along at night. 

Resurrection cemetery is known to have a bunch of haunted spots, and it's actually one of the well known cemeteries in the Chicago land area.The stretch of road that this ghost is said to walk along is a rather odd one, on one side you have daily life happening, on the other….. Where the dead lay. 

There are a ton of spooky  stories about the cemetery where Mary supposedly haunts, from a haunted mausoleum where many people including myself have heard some strange music coming out of. It was some years back, one of our friends actually works on the groundskeepers staff for the cemetery so he took us on a tour. It was night time around 11 o'clock and we were walking around a bit and we heard music coming from the old mausoleum. At first I thought it was someone who worked there or someone honoring some of the dead, but I was wrong.

Our friend took us to the location where the music was coming from and showed us that it was locked. The scary thing was that it hasn't been open in decades, so no one was actually in there playing music, so where was the music coming from?


Now  there are a few various stories of how the story of Resurrection Mary came to be, but the most prevalent one is the story of how Mary was at a ball room with her boyfriend at the time. Supposedly she got into a fight with him and left the ballroom alone. She was then struck by a car and killed, she was buried by her parents in Resurrection Cemetery right near where she was hit by the car. 

Now the haunting started when something happened…. 

Like what?

Check out this video story about Ressurection Mary by SweetOmega



Feel free to share your experience or thoughts below, would would love to hear your story or what you think about this story! 


2 thoughts on “Resurrection Mary – Chicago Illinois”
  1. YES! THIS STORY IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE! My cousin GREG VAN DE VANTER was driving for a taxi service a while back and he was driving psst the cemetary,saw a "LADY IN WHITE" hitching a ride…He stopped and picked her up…when he turned around to ask where she would like to go,she vanished! SO,YES! THIS story is TOTALLY TRUE!

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