Strange And Creepy Ohio,The Paranormal This Creepy Abandoned Asylum Could Have Its Own Netflix Series

This Creepy Abandoned Asylum Could Have Its Own Netflix Series

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The Ridges, Athens Ohio –  The Most Haunted Asylum In The Midwest

Athens, Ohio is no stranger to stories of the supernatural and the occult. Supposedly Athens most haunted locations on the planet. This including cemeteries, asylums, and other odd places that create some sort of pentagram or pentacle. Could it be coincidence and just something random or could there be more to this as some suggest?

Some say that if you have enough places that are supposedly haunted in your town or city that you can connect the lines and create whatever it is that you want. Whatever the case may be, there certainly are some pretty scary places in Athens like The Ridges Asylum

The Ridges, Athens Ohio’s Most Haunted Asylum ​



Could Athens, Ohio Be The Most Haunted Town In The U.S.A?

Every town has some kind of dark secret that they try to push under the rug and forget all about it. The problem is that some towns secrets are just far too big to be swept away, this is the case for Athens, Ohio’s old Ridges Asylum.

The place had a dark history of mistreatment, violence, and even strange deaths. Some say that it was hell on earth and that it wasn’t the kind of place that you would like to end up at. 

Could the ghosts or entities be connected to all the years of horror while this place was open? Or could it just be the residual energy left behind from all the negativity that went on while open?

Check out the video and let us know what you think, would you be brave enough to check this place out? 

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