Why A Ring Of Salt Will Protect You

Why A Ring Of Salt Will Protect You

If you’ve seen scary movies especially ones where people come into a home in order to get rid of some type of spirit or evil entity, most of the time they bring in things like Sage, or salt. It’s not known WHY salt actually protects you, but there all kinds of rumors and theories behind it. Some people think it’s a bunch of nonsense while spiritualist and others  who use it say it does work.

Now you just can take some salt and throw it around and expect the ghost to run away from the salt in general. There has to be some kind way that you use the salt in order to be protected by the things that you can’t see. Whether you believe it or not, it’s one of those things that you have to witness in order to really fully understand it. If you’ve never seen a ghost or had any kind of paranormal experience, the thought of spreading salt may sound rather silly. But for those who have been attacked or bothered by something that they can’t see and have used salt, their point of view may be a bit different. 

There’s all kinds of other rituals and tools that people use in order to ward off evil entities and ones that they don’t want in certain places. But in all honesty how effective are these things and how long do they last?

Good question! 

Check out the video that we found and let us know your thoughts! 

Why A Ring Of Salt Will Protect You


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