Hundreds Have Sent Apology Letters To This Cursed Doll

Robert The Doll 

Imagine getting a doll as a gift that looked like Robert The Doll. Would you be scared of it? Most people wouldn’t think twice about the doll nor where it really came from. But if odd things started to happen when the doll was in your home. Would you second guess keeping it or blame it on something else?

Robert The doll was created sometime around the late 1800s by a Haitian maid. Supposedly the maid was a practitioner of the dark arts. The problem was that she was also the caretaker for the Otto family. The Otto family was a very stern, conservative, and super-wealthy family, in fact, they were the most wealthy family in the area at that time.

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Conflicts with religious points of view and beliefs started up.The tipping point happened when the family found the maid practicing magic. The maid was fired on the spot but was able to give a doll she made for the family’s youngest son…. Robert.

This is where the story begins….

Check out the video and see for yourself!

Would you keep Robert The Doll in your house?



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  1. The article says in the second video, you will see him moving! Watched it twice, carefully, and he doesn’t move at all!!!

    1. As did I, we have a couple of admins, I will have to see if they posted the wrong video becuase I didn’t see him move. I know there was one video of him moving, but then again it looked a bit off, but I’ll find that video and get it to the admin to post it. 

  2. I'm a doll maker and the one you posted earlier today … in the little black dress… is wonderful.  I thought maybe you would like to see  some of my dolls as well. You can check them out on Instagram  under Fantasy Foundlings and let me know your thoughts… would be much appreciated.  regards


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