The True Story Of a Young Mother Who Became The Victim Of a Predatory Spirit

The Most Extreme Case Of Poltergeist Activity

There’s a small home in the town of San Pedro, California that’s supposedly haunted beyond belief. Now when we talk about ghosts and spooky things, this home is at the top of the list. The home doesn’t have a crazy history behind it, nor is it a mansion of any sort, it’s a regular ranch style home in a regular community. This is similar to the Gary Indiana Demon house, the house were there are supposedly 200 demons within it. 

The difference between this house and the other house is that the activity within THIS house is supposedly way more active than any other house ever reported. The people who have lived in this house have even reported seeing some odd ooze and even blood coming out of the walls. The other thing is the extreme smell and black substance on the walls and ceilings, it’s a very odd situation. The other things that they’ve been seeing is some demon type figures walking around in this home. 

People who have lived or just visited this house have seen some really odd things, others have been actually physically assaulted by whatever it is that’s in this house. Would you be brave enough to stay the night in this house?

The Most Extreme Case Of Poltergeist Activity – San Pedro Haunting 


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  1. I wonder if they would have captured anything if they had used analog equipment instead of digital. My dad had a wind-up movie camera that he used clear up to the digital age…no batteries needed. 

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