Satan’s Hollow Tunnel – Ohio

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Satan’s Hollow Tunnel – Ohio 

So what’s really going on in Ohio’s Satan’s Hollow Tunnel

Well…. no one really knows too much about the complete history behind the area. But what is known is that was built and later abandoned probably because of the creepy stuff going on in there.

Many locals say that it’s a gateway to hell or a some other dark place. That there’s some creepy entities that lurk within the tunnels. Strange sounds and ghostly footsteps coming from all around you in various parts of the tunnel. The creepiest part is that when you turn to look no one is there.

Ghosts? Spirits? Evil entities?

 We think if something is really going on in this area, it’s because there’s some sort of energy center located near by. Other worldly entities and beings draw power from these areas. But then again who knows what it could really be.

What we do know is that it’s a pretty terrifying place with some rather creepy writing on the wall. Some stories tell about devil worshiping and even sacrifices going on down there.

What do you believe?

WARNING – If you decide to check this place out, be sure you get PERMISSION before going.It’s heavily patrolled and anyone that doesn’t have permission to be there will be arrested or fined! Also if you do get permission plan ahead and DON’T GO ALONE! 

Check out this investigation of Satan’s Hollow tunnel by Believe A Paranormal Experience

Video Source – Believe A Paranormal Experience

What do you think, is it actually haunted?

Know someone that went through the tunnel system or knows someone who may have?

let us know!

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