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Scary Donkey Lady – Urban Legend 

Could the Donkey Lady Be Real?


For those of you who live in the San Antonio, Texas area you've probably heard something about The Donkey Lady. It's a really creepy and sad story that supposedly stems from a true story. Well some say it's a true story however there isn't any proof that the story actually ever happened. Some say that the Donkey Lady will jump on your car if you park for too long on the bridge where she hides under. 

 Now  there's various stories and legends behind the Donkey Lady, some say it's a ghost, others say it's an apparition, but no one really knows. Now while many say it's just a scary story that people made up that spread as time went on, others say that something odd actually happens out there. The strange part is that it's pretty similar to the story of TROLL BRIDGE in the small town of Plymouth, Indiana. 

The difference between the stories is the history behind the Donkey Lady and where the story originated from. Troll bridge really doesn't have a history behind it besides a scary monster that jumps out at your car if you park for too long or call out to the troll. Anyways, check out the videos and see what you think, have you seen the Donkey Lady or know anyone that has?

The Story Behind The Donkey Lady by Mccreepypasta

Video Source – Mccreepypasta


Will They Find The Donkey Lady?

Video by Dead Explorer


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