A Look At The Legend Of Boston, Ohio’s – Hell Town

Scary Urban Legend Or Something More?

Boston, Ohio’s Hell Town is one of those places where scary urban legends, myths, and ghost stories come out of. It’s a creepy abandoned area that will get your imagination going. At first glance, you’ll feel like you’re in the beginning of the Stephen King movie. There are stories of ghosts, creepy interdimensional entities, and even the Wendigo. Some say the area was abandoned because of creepy activity due to the Wendigo.

There are also stories of satanic cults that took over the area. At night people would see fires and strange creatures and shadows moving around. Others said that there was some kind of extraterrestrial activity going down. This is the reason why they closed the area so fast. In reality, it was all because of a National Forest. Now could there be something in the woods we don’t know about? Yes, but the real reason they abandoned this town wasn’t because of anything paranormal.

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Scary Urban Legend Or Something Else?

Hell Town Myths And Legends

Stories of the infamous spot range from escaped mental patients to the paranormal. There are stories that groups like Satanists and other extremist groups in the area. Some say the spirits of that area cursed it so that nothing would go right. Whatever the case maybe there is a very creepy vibe surrounding it.

Would you like to take an adventure to this place and see what it’s all about? 



Creepy Cleveland Net – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC92d9i8QgcQTWZ_PrsIre-g   

Abandoneded therapy  –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ2v9H3NHGWzTkqINP1E21w 

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