Want a Haunted Stay? The 8th Floor Of This Louisville Hilton Is The Answer

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Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville

The Haunted Hotel Accommodations 

The Seelbach Hilton Hotel first opened up in 1905 and was first owned by Sheraton Hotels and resorts. After a few decades of ownership it was then sold to Hilton Hotels. The Seelbach Hilton is a known for its prestigious and luxurious accommodations, a place for the wealthy and elite like investment Bankers, politicians, and celebrities to stay and relax at.

 Aside from its glitz and glamor, the Seelbach Hilton has a very scary paranormal side that many don’t know about. The place is famous for the sightings of numerous apparitions, one being “The Lady In Blue”. It’s said that on the 8th floor of the hotel there are some very odd things going on. Some people have reported hearing disembodied voices, odds smells, and seeing apparitions that apparently walk through walls. 

There are those who visit the Seelbach just to stay on the 8th floor in hopes that they capture some kind of paranormal activity. There also those who stay away from the floor because they’ve had some pretty scary experiences. 


Check out this short video by Apexterrabyte we found on the haunted history of the Seelbach Hilton Hotel 

Video Source – Apexterrabyte


DO you want too see if this place is haunted for yourself? Check out their site here >>>>> http://www.seelbachhilton.com/

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