Slimer Invites You To Take A Walk-through Horror Nights Ghostbusters Maze

Halloween Horror Nights Ghostbusters Maze

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights brought the wonderful world of the Ghostbusters to their park this past year. Ghostbusters is the iconic 80’s movie where 4 guys become the saviors of the world by defeating an ancient pagan god.

During the movie, they face various creatures and ghouls. There was a second movie where they faced the likes of an ancient warlock warlord who tried to be re-birthed in the modern era only to be warded off by the Ghostbusters.

There was another movie that many of us didn’t like, however at the end of this year or possibly next another movie with most of the original cast is set to hit theaters. Let’s just hope the movie does the old movie justice, not like the past reboot. Today we are going to take you on a journey through Manhattan. Ghosts and ghouls have taken over and now you must join the Ghostbusters in a last-ditch effort to save the city and humanity.

Check out the walkthrough and let us know what you thought. Have an idea for a really cool or spooky walkthrough we could showcase?

Video Source –Theme Park Review

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