Strange And Creepy Haunted World,The Paranormal Spend Halloween In Britain’s Most Haunted Historic Castle

Spend Halloween In Britain’s Most Haunted Historic Castle

Spend Halloween In Britain’s Most Haunted Historic Castle post thumbnail image

Just twenty minutes from the seaside, this romantic and thriving castle is perfect for short breaks or family days out! Or if you’re looking for a more chilling experience, as one of the most haunted castles in England, our ‘Torture Chamber’ and evening Ghost Tours are sure to entertain.

Chillingham Castle Has been called one of the most haunted places on the planet and for a very good reason. It’s been around since the 1200’s and has seen its share of bloodshed and violence throughout the ages.

Countless people have lost their lives behind these walls, and if the dungeon could speak, it would probably just scream in agony. The torture methods they used back then were insane and barbaric. It really didn’t take much either to end up in the dungeon, just cross the wrong person with enough power and you could be thrown in for the smallest of things.

There have been numerous stories of some pretty creepy things going on within the walls of the castle. Even hundreds of years ago there were stories of phantoms, shadow figures, ghouls, and other things. There are even stories of different creatures that have came into the castle, but it’s not sure what these creatures actually were or if they were even real or not.

What is known is that there are countless witness reports of some pretty creepy sounds coming from the dungeon area. You have to think with so much violence, torture, and death. The residue of all that negative energy has to leave an imprint on the location. Now whether the things that people are actually experiencing are real or just old events that play every  now and then like an old recording is debatable.

However there have been some reports of what you would call “intelligent hauntings”, ones that the ghosts actually acknowledged the living in some way shape or form. There have also been stories of full body apparitions moving around in the castle and outside of its grounds. If you have ever wanted to visit a real life castle, well now is your chance. Even better would be to experience it around Halloween. If so check out their site here >

They have overnight stays, haunted tours, and much more. Would you be brave enough to stay the night In the castles most haunted rooms?

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