Stephen King Teases The Idea Of Writing a “Friday The 13th” Novel

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Stephen King And The Friday The 13th Novel

Could you imagine if Stephen King was able to create something out of “Friday The 13th” franchise? Well he teased at the idea of producing a novel that would show the view point of “Jason Vorhees” through his own eyes. King wanted to do a “first person narrative” via Jason where he dies over and over, almost like a horror version of the movie GroundHog Day.

Could it work?

You really can’t go wrong with Stephen King movies, even the movies that aren’t that good are still better than most horror movies. So if Blumhouse did take this project on we think it would be awesome. Unfortunatley there’s still a legal battle going on over the franchise making it imppossible for a project like this to happen anytime in the near futre.

Check out what Stephen King had to say via Twitter.

Stephen King@StephenKing

Just thinking about the legal thicket one would have to go through to get permissions makes my head ache. And my heart, that too. But gosh, shouldn’t someone tell Jason’s side of the story?

Stephen King@StephenKing

The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) is I JASON, the first-person narrative of Jason Voohees, and his hellish fate: killed over and over again at Camp Crystal Lake. What a hellish, existential fate!

Stephen King@StephenKing

Blumhouse could do it as a movie.

Do you think it could work? Check out the video we found by Ruftarza and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Ruftarza

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