The Strange Disappearance Of The Lighthouse Keepers

The Strange Disappearance Of The Lighthouse Keepers 

Where Did They Go?

People go missing all of the time, sometimes it's by the hands of others and other times we have no clue where they went  and how they even disappeared. This is the case of 3 lighthouse keepers on a small isolated lighthouse on the Scottish Island of Eileen Moore.

The strangest part of the whole story is the log book these men kept, it seemed really odd because nothing that was said in the book matched anything that anyone else experienced around the same vicinity. 

Could it have been aliens?

Some say that they were abducted and what they witnessed was the rise of a space ship or something alien in nature. Others say that it was the spirits of the sea that came to get them, that the spirits travel from different areas in the shape of a storm looking to take sailors and anyone close to the sea to a watery grave. Others say that it could have just been a case of  one or all of them going mad and simply jumping into the sea. 

The problem is that they were very experienced and all of them had lived almost all of their lives near or on the sea. So how could  3 men that knew what they were getting into just vanish into thin air without anyone knowing what happened to them?

Check out the video to learn more about this story! 

VIDEO SOURCE – Strange Mysteries 

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