Studies Find Playing Too Much Christmas Music Is Bad For Your Health!

For many of us, especially those who frequent this site, the most WONDERFUL time of the year is Halloween. Christmas is a close second, however there are a few things about Christmas that drives many of us insane.

What is it?


You know, the same old songs we hear year in and year out. If you work in retail hell you know what I mean. The same songs over and over playing day in and day out. There’s a time and place for everything, but blaring Christmas music all the time gets a little bit old. Try playing the Halloween theme song in a store and see how long it is before someone complains.

Well if you’ve ever wondered if Christmas music was harmful, now you have your answer. The problem with it all is this, the brain processes music emotionally and not rationally. So when you hear something you’re trying to block out mentally, subconsciously you’re bringing it in even more.

So that explains it…..

Studies are saying that it’s causing people to get ill because it puts them in a depressed state rather than in a good one. Now this isn’t for everyone, but like I said before, if you work in retail you probably HATE every Christmas song known to man.

Check out the video below we found by MusicBiz and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – MusicBiz

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