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Stull Cemetery

Stull cemetery is located in a town of 20 people, yes 20 people. Then again I don’t think you could call a place with 20 people a town, it’s more like a village. It’s one of those places you would drive through and not actually realize you went through an actual town. I don’t even know if they have a gas station or some type of place to buy anything really. 

But it’s one of those towns that will forever live in infamy because of one location, Stull Cemetery. It’s not really known how the heck this place became to be known as such a vile and evil spot. It looks like a regular everyday cemetery without anything crazy by just looking at it.

So what gives?

For some odd reason, it’s known for being one of the 7 gates to hell! There haven’t been any reported deaths or anything of that nature coming out of here, so how the heck does a town this size have a cemetery that scary?

Check out this video we found and see for yourself! 

Stull Cemetery

Video Source – Gene Fitzpatrick


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