Take A Virtual Tour Of The Winchester Mystery House From Your Home

The House That Spirits Built

By now you’ve probably taken the Paris Catacombs and Chernobyl virtual tours. If you haven’t simply click the links above and you can go on both journeys. Today we have a bit of a different virtual tour. This one isn’t in a creepy, cold dark place, it’s inside of a mansion.

Today’s journey takes you deep within the house that spirits built. The 160 room mansion was built under the guidance of spirits by the heiress of the Winchester Rifle Company, Sarah Winchester. It’s said she built this place to appease the spirits of those who lost their lives at the hand of her family’s creation.

The Winchester Mystery House

By the time of Sarah Winchesters’ death, the mansion had enough odd things to drive you insane. There were doors leading nowhere, staircases leading straight up into the ceiling. The mansion is big enough that you could probably get lost for a couple of days.

Well if you’re ever wanted to take a trip to the Winchester Mystery house, now is your chance. Check out the link below and let us know your thoughts.


Want to learn more about the Winchester history? Check out this video we found by DocSpot and let us know your thoughts

Video Source- DocSpot

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