The Unknown Man Carrying “Taman Shud”

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Taman Shud 

The Cold War Years 

So while some people are still wondering "what really caused the cold war", a few are still wondering who was this unknown dead man carrying a note with  "taman shud" on it. The man was found  on a beach near an area close to a  missile installation site which makes it even stranger. He wasn't dressed in beach gear or was just out walking, the man was dressed up and showed no signs of foul play. 

Tensions where high around this time because of the threat of nuclear war. People were afraid that we were going to start the war that would end the planet. So when a man carrying an odd note is found next to a missile installation site, there's going to be some major speculation. No one knows who he was and what he was doing there or why even had that note. 

The oddest part of the whole story is that the poison that he had in his system was supposed to be untraceable. Now WHY would a man be given something like this if he was just some guy randomly walking around the beach? 

Check out the full story in the video 

Taman Shud 


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