Strange And Creepy Random Would You Eat a Cake That Looked This Horrifyingly Real?

Would You Eat a Cake That Looked This Horrifyingly Real?

Would You Eat a Cake That Looked This Horrifyingly Real? post thumbnail image

The Heart Cake

Portland, Texas’s Crabby Cakes recently had a picture of a gruesomely realistic heart cake go viral recently.  On the 28th of the last month the bakery unleashed a video of its horror themed valentine’s cake.  The cake went insanely viral due to horror fans going crazy over how cool the cake looked.


Within a week the video hit a million views and the rest is history. The owner of the bakery reported that she was getting a large amount of calls from places from customers who were willing to drive HOURS to get a cake.

There were also calls from places all over the country inquiring about the cake. However they can’t ship out of state so those of you who are out of state and want a cake, you better plan a trip. Crabby Cakes owner Jessica Wolfe says she’s a big fan or horror movies.

She grew up watching all kinds of horror movies but was obsessed with slasher films. She enjoyed sculpting and painting, but just recently applied those skills to cake making.

Check out the video of the cake below…. If you’re in  Texas or know someone who is and would like to know more about Crabby Cakes, check out their Facebook fan page here > CRABBY CAKES BAKERY

Source – Crabby Cakes Bakery
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