An Old Video Of Leatherface Giving A Walk-Through Of The Original Texas Chainsaw House!

An Inside Look Into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie House 

The Scariest House In Texas 

Yes it’s old footage but it’s still awesome and something many haven’t seen before. Actor/author Gunner Hansen who is also known by his gruesome and iconic role as “Leather Face” in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about to take you on a tour of the house where the movie was shot at.

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Now when you think of creepy houses that are supposedly haunted or are haunted beyond belief, this is it. This house looks like something creepy like this could actually happen in. 

They took some time making this house look as realistic as possible.  The house walk-through is enough to give you the creeps. Imagine walking through this house all alone at night, it would probably freak anyone out just knowing that this is the house from the movie! 

Most of you have seen the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre and for those who haven’t seen it, it’s a bloody scary mess of a movie. It’s a good movie but it also makes you think about who to trust and where you should go when you’re out in the deep woods. The scary part is that there’s probably people like the ones in the movie doing the same thing somewhere out in the world. 

Check out the house and let us know what you think! 

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    1. It’s a restaurant now. Great food amazing prices, has no association to film but upstairs has souvenirs.

  1. The real true story the movie based off of was Ed Gein and it actually happened in Wisconsin. This was only an old house found used in the original movie. Has not tie to the actual story the movie based it from.

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