A Look At The Legend Of The Ada Witch

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The Ada Witch – West Michigan

There is a mysterious story that’s come out of West Michigan about a spooky lady in white that wanders the roads around a cemetery by the name of Findley cemetery. No one really knows how or why the lady in white got the name of the Ada witch. The odd thing is that there isn’t any supporting facts that she was an actual witch or who she even was is or was in life.

There are rumors that in the late 1800’s this woman in white would secretly go to this cemetery to meet up with her secret lover.  One night her husband pretended to fall asleep and followed her to the cemetery when he found her and her secret friend embraced.

Supposedly there was a big fight and both men died in the process.  Some say that she committed suicide after this and others say that she didn’t. The one thing that people can agree on is that they have seen her walking around.

Check out the video this group investigating this place

The Ada Witch – West Michigan

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