The Haunted Barber House Winnipeg Canada

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The Barber House Winnipeg

It’s known as Winnipeg’s oldest house, the Barber house is in the old and historic neighborhood of Point Douglas. The house was built around 1862 by EL Barber, the Barber family held on to the house for over 100 years.

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The house has been a major travel destination for those looking for something to do in the Winnipeg area, especially those looking for something creepy to do.

The house burnt down in 2010 but was fully restored by the Canadian government and private donations, now the house sits as it was in the same location. There were rumors a father murdered his family in this house and that’s why the house is so haunted.

Although there isn’t any evidence this actually happened, stories of this have echoed throughout the years. People have reported voices, strange lights, mists, apparitions and more within this house

Check out this short video we found about The Barber House

If you had the chance to stay in this house would you?



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