The Faces Of The Dead Can Be Seen On The Floor Of This Village Home

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The Belmez Faces 

In a remote Spanish village lives the story of the Belmez faces. The faces happened to pop up in a small village in a house that was actually built over a graveyard. Various scientist and others specialist have studied these faces and have no real explanation at all as to WHY or how they’ve popped up. There has been numerous accounts of different faces within this village, but all of them have happened in one particular house. 

Now they haven’t been deemed as a fake, everyone’s baffled by them and the only possible explanation is that they were connected to the lady that was living in the house. The lady now passed away but it’s rather strange that they only happened when she was there. The faces would kind of morph in ways, they would change around and sometimes change completely into a different face. It’s an odd story that no one has an explanation for. 

Some say it’s because the lady who lived in the house had a connection to the other side. Also the fact that the place was built over a graveyard probably could have something to do with it. But why only her house and no one else’s? Maybe the energy within the home was enough for them to manifest in such a way that they weren’t able to in others?

What do you think?

Check out the video of the full story below 

The Belmez Faces 

Source – Maythetruthbeknown – 

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