The Betz Mystery Sphere – Jacksonville Florida

The Betz Mystery Sphere

In the mid 1970's a family discovered something very strange an odd after looking around at some damage caused by a brush fire. They found this mysterious sphere where the fire happened, and kept it to find out what it was. Eventually they got the sphere tested at various colleges, and while no one had any explanation what the sphere was and who made it, curiosity began to increase. The more they studied this sphere the strange the object actually became. 

Imagine finding something like this in your backyard, what would you do with it and who would tell? 

Not much else is know about the sphere except that it has properties within it that aren't known to man. The chemical composition of the sphere are said to be that not of our world, well most of them that is. There are various sites that have conflicting details on what they actually are and what this thing is made of. Who knows where this sphere is now and what it's actually doing, but it would be interesting to find out more on it. 

Check out the video and see what YOU think! 

The Betz Mystery Sphere




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