The Black Aggie Statue

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The Black Aggie Statue 


Most towns have some kind of creepy story about a local cemetery or statue. However, this one goes a bit beyond just a scary story. There are numerous people who have come forth throughout the years  who have said they've had scary experiences around the the Black Aggie Statue. Others say that they didn't have any type of experience and that it's all made up.


The Black Aggie was located in the Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville, Maryland. It there for several years and then had to be moved because of all the attention from the stories it was getting. It was then moved to another cemetery but the problems persisted and it eventually ended up in the Smithsonian institute. It's crazy to think that a statue can get that much attention, so could some of the stories actually be true?

Who knows…


Check out the story and let us know your thoughts, could the stories actually be true or is it just made up?

Check out the video by Real Life Mysteries 

Video Source – Real Life Mysteries 

What it something really DID happen? 


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