The Black Volga | The Car Of Death

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The Black Volga 

The Haunted Car 

The legend of the Black Volga Limousine spread like wild fire during the late 60’s and early 70’s around Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and even Mongolia. This was the time of the Cold War so everyone was fearful of the conflict going on around this time. It's not for sure HOW the story of the Black Volga limousine actually started, but what's known is that it spread like wildfire. 

The initial story stated that if you saw this car, that you would either be killed on the spot, kidnapped and then killed, or die within 24 hours of seeing the car. Many say that the story is true, but how would anyone know if you supposedly died within 24 hours of seeing this car?

That's a good question!

Check out this video by THE MYSTERY TOUR and let us know what YOU think! 

Check out the video




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