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The Haunted Bunny Man Bridge 

Fairfax County, Virginia’s Bunny Man Bridge is the stuff of creepy legends. It’s a bridge that is surrounded with some creepy tales of a deranged killer. Although there are various stories and angles, something DID happen there.
Like what?
There was a mental asylum near the bridge area that was shut down decades back. Supposedly a patient escaped into the nearby woods during transport. The last they saw him was by the bridge, ultimately they never found.
What some say happened after that was something straight out of a horror movie…. 
The problem is that when you have a story like this located in such a dangerous place, bad things tend to happen. It’s a dangerous location that you probably should stay away from. It’s also heavily patrolled and you will get a ticket or arrested if caught. But are the stories of something terrifying there true?

  Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Here’s another video of the Bunny Man Bridge 

I don’t think I would ever want to visit this place.

How about you?

** Warning – If you do choose to go to this place, make sure you get some kind of permission first. It’s dangerous and is also heavily patrolled. Be smart about your decisions so you don’t become part of the story! 


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