This Haunted Virginia Bridge Is Home To a Terrifying Urban Legend

The Haunted Virginia Bridge

Fairfax County, Virginia’s Bunny Man Bridge is the stuff of creepy legends. It’s a bridge that is surrounded by an urban legend of a deranged killer. There are different renditions of the initial story of the haunted Virginia bridge. However, the story that everyone knows is the one of the bunny man-killer. Supposedly he escaped from a nearby mental asylum some decades back. They never found him and figured that he probably got lost and met a terrible fate. Supposedly that’s not the case at all, he ended up living near a bridge later known as the bunny man bridge.
Apparently, this is when all the stories start mixing up. None of the stories end up with a happy ending. All of them sound like something out of an 80’s horror movie. The haunted bridge is said to be a focal point for young daredevils. Those who have heard the stories and wanted to see if it was real. Some of those who went ended up not coming back. The ones that did come back told stories of a man in a bloody bunny costume.

The Bunny Man Urban Legend

The problem is that when you have a story like this located in such a dangerous place, bad things tend to happen. It’s a dangerous location that you probably should stay away from. It’s also heavily patrolled and you will get a ticket or arrested if caught. But are the stories of something terrifying there true?

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Here’s another video of the Bunny Man Bridge 


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