The Candy Man – Urban Legend

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The Candy Man Urban Legend 

Most people associate the Urban Legend of the Candy Man with the Candy man movie, but that's not the REAL LIFE  true story.

Wait what?

Most people think is that if you recite the Candy Man phrase into your mirror that a some hooked crazy monster will come out of the mirror and rip you into shreds. Now I don't know about to many people actually getting ripped to shreds by something that came out of the mirror, and if something DID I don't think I would be calling for it. 

Now the true story is creepier all in itself for the fact that it's TRUE! However the urban legend of the Candy Man DOES have something to do with a mirror and a monster or evil entity looking for revenge. There are numerous stories of how and when this story actually originated. We will touch base on the urban legend after the video, but in all honesty the TRUE story behind the Candy Man is pretty twisted and morbid if you ask me… 

The Scary Story That Turned Out To Be True

The TRUE story behind the candy man legend came out of the Texas in the 70's. A man was in over 100 grand in debt and needed a way out, so supposedly this guy put cyanide into pixy sticks and gave one to his son and his daughter. His son ended up passing away as did some adults that came with their kids that had tested out their candy on Halloween night. 

He eventually was charged with capital murder and was eventually put to death by lethal injection…. I say this was far more twisted if you ask me, but then again supposedly the ghost of this guy is the who haunts the mirrors. Some say that he said he would come back someday, but then it was twisted around and made into a movie. 

So does summoning the Candy Man in a mirror actually work?

Could it be a dark presence that people are summoning since mirrors have also been known to be portals to other realms?

Check out the video by Lupus Creepus  who tested the mirror myth

Video Source – Lupus Creepus  



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