The Case Of Dopplegangers

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Could There Be Another You Somewhere In The World?

Imagine having an exact copy of yourself roaming around somewhere in this world, but they aren't related to you in any kind of way. What if you ran into this person and you both realized that you two looked exactly alike, and that you had some strange type of connection, would you approach them? 

This is the case of a Doppelganger! 

Throughout history people have said to have run into an exact copy of themselves, people who have the same traits, likes, dislikes, and even the same type of beliefs. Would you be interested in learning about them, or would you be scared off knowing that there's someone who looks just like you?

The most famous case of a Doppelganger was the case of Emilie Sagee in the mid 1800's. The girl was haunted by an exact copy of herself that everyone else could see but she couldn't. She had to switch schools various times and even when she was older she had to switch jobs  because of the Doppelganger. Those around her reported  seeing an exact copy of her doing the same things as she would at the same exact time. 

Now while this was an extreme case there have been many celebrities who have been said to have had Doppelganger. Most of these celebrities laugh off the matter, but could these people have been an exact copy of them but in a different time period? If that's the case then what are we, are we just a creation that's duplicated throughout time?

Who knows… 

Check out this video on Doppelgangers 



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