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The Chupacabra

Is The Chupacabra Real?

The Chupacabra or " Goat Sucker" first appeared somewhere in the island of Puerto Rico in the late 1950's. A farmer saw this mysterious beast in his fields after previously finding some of his goats dead. They had seemed to be drained of all of their blood like Dracula came got them.The only problem was that it wasn't Dracula, it was some kind of small humanoid type of creature or beast. It was small and had fangs and just didn't look like anything else known to man. Since then the sightings of this mysterious creature have been going on all over the place. 

Now while many of these known Chupacabra sightings are actually false, the original sighting and others from that time were strikingly similar. A couple in Puerto Rico and then some around Texas, and the only problem was that the people didn't know each other and had no clue the other existed. 

Could it be a similiar creature or the same one that's traveling to different places? No one really knows, but what we all DO know is that most of these supposed claims have turned out to be false. Sometimes people mistaken different animals for the Chupacabra, it could be that an animal is sick and lost it's hair, or it could just be a case of mistaken identity. 

Chupacabra video 

Now while many say there aren't very many videos if any REAL videos at all, there have been a few videos pop up that people say is the real deal. I'm surprised no one has created a monster drink about this animal or taken it any further with some kind theme park. There has been a Chupacabra movie that was rather terrible, but who knows if the beast is real or if someone will actually finally find it. 

Supposedly this is the real beast in this first video, let us know what you think. 


Another video of a supposed Chupacabra


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