The Horrifying Real Life Events That Inspired “The Conjuring”

 The Real Life Story Behind The Movie The Conjuring 

If you’re a horror movie fan, by now you’ve seen or have heard of the movie “The Conjuring“. It’s the movie where a family gets terrorized by an evil entity. They end up getting help by the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in an epic battle of good and evil. But how true is the story, and is there anything that the movie took from the real story?

While The Conjuring is one of those movies that will scare the living stuff out of you. It leaves you wondering how real it actually was? It was based on the real life horror story of the Perron family. We know moves are designed to jump scare viewers, but was the real life horror story actually told?

My Paranormal Encounter Caught on C...
My Paranormal Encounter Caught on CCTV | True Horror Clip | Real Life Clip

Was The Conjuring A Real Life Horror Story?

Some people say that they are a lot of loop holes and unanswered questions in this story. Questions like why didn’t they just leave when things started to get bad? Even though there are skeptics the Perron family said that many of the events did in fact occur. It’s one of those incidents that we would like to think wasn’t real. The reason being is that none of us want something like that to happen to us. So if something like The Conjuring is real, then we are all susceptible to the same type of thing.

Video Source – Paranormal Scholar 

Here’s the story told by Lorraine Warren one of the people who helped the Perron Family  



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