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 The Real Life Story Behind The Movie The Conjuring 

Every now and then we come across a movie that scares the living stuff out of us. “The Conjuring” is certainly one of those types of movies. When you find out the movie based on a real life story, you start to really sit back and think. The Perron family incidents were somewhat showcased in the movie. We all know a lot of things in movies are made up to get some jump scares. But what happened to them in real life is just as scary.

But was it real though or was most of it just some Hollywood type of fluff?

Some people say that they are a lot of loop holes and unanswered questions in this story. Questions like why didn’t they just leave when things started to get bad? Even though there are skeptics the Perron family said that many of the events did in fact occur.

Video Source – Paranormal Scholar 

Here’s the story told by Lorraine Warren one of the people who helped the Perron Family  



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