Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Woman Finds Light Coming From Her Hotel Bathtub Drain

Woman Finds Light Coming From Her Hotel Bathtub Drain

Woman Finds Light Coming From Her Hotel Bathtub Drain post thumbnail image

The Creepy Hotel

It’s not every day you go to a hotel and find light coming from your bathroom drain of all places. The Creepy hotel photos of the odd find have gone viral via social media in the last week. Imagine staying in a hotel room only to find light coming from your drain, would you feel safe staying in that room?

Some are saying it’s a portal to hell, while others may have a more plausible explanation for the occurrence. Most hotels have an area between rooms where maintenance can access areas. The person who accessed the area obviously didn’t turn off the light. So could that be the explanation here or is it something else?

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Inside Creepy Places

This isn’t the first time someone has found something in their bathroom. Recently a woman found an entire apartment behind her bathroom mirror. She even got braver and went on an adventure to see what all was inside the abandoned place. Imagine finding something like that in your house. What would you do if you had something like this happened to you?

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