The Cursed Car – James Deans ” Little Bastard “

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James Deans Evil Car 

The Cursed Car 

When you think of evil or cursed cars, what are some that come to mind? Usually it's cars from various movies or urban legends that usually are made up or have no real proof behind them. But what about the ones that ARE REAL and have some creepy stories behind them, kind of like James Dean's old car "Little Bastard". Some people might say that he was just driving fast and recklessly and what happened to him was just an unfortunate accident, but others might not agree with that. 

Do you believe that a car or object can become cursed after something tragic happens? Some people think that it's just the power of suggestion or the law of attraction that BRINGS negative things to you if you think about them enough. So if you were to get something from this car the first thing you would think about is the tragic accident and then the curse. Could something like this actually bring negativity to you and those around or could it be the object itself that holds this power?

Whatever the case it's a rather spooky and tragic story of a man who had a HUGE career ahead of him. 

Check out the full story here


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