The CW Breathes New Life Into “The Lost Boys” With Order For Pilot Ep.

They’re Only Noodles Micheal

It seemed as if all hope was lost for the Lost Boys television series, but finally after a lot of debate and turmoil behind the scenes, the CW is ordering 2 pilot episodes. The feature won’t show the original cast they had intended but will work with an entirely different one. They are also going to use Marcos Siega( The Vampire Diaries) as the new director.

The good and the bad…

The creators felt like there was a lot to go back on for the show, and that they felt like they needed to revise a lot of it and the angle they hope to go in.  The new tagline for the show is going to follow the same premise of the original movie. I think fans will enjoy the premise behind this, because honestly the remakes and follow ups were terrible.

For those of you who haven’t or don’t know about the original movie. The logline follows : “ When a mother and her Gen Z sons move to a town by the seaside where she grew up. The end up discovering why all the in crowd kids sleep all day and party all night, never grow up or old.”

Will it work?

We’ve seen the past movies that have come into play, and did those work?  Nope, but they went left field with the story so who knows how this will work. Let’s just hope it doesn’t feature sparkly vampires who whine about being immortal. Most of us can agree we’ve had enough of that.

Check out a clip we found of the original Lost Boys by Bluriicudii27

Video Source – Bluriicudii27

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  1. There are literally thousands of books out thete that would be great movies. Why must we keep recycling, rebooting, and rehashing?

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